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Dark Chocolate Pecans

Grocery | In stock
We just couldn't go without offering a product to satisfy the dark chocolate lovers in our midst. I, myself am a dark chocolate lover, and can personally say that I absolutely LOVE these Dark Chocolate Pecans If I don't watch myself I end up eating an entire bag LOL! We use only the sweetest, whole pecans and then coat them with a wonderful rich dark chocolate that will truly satisfy your strongest dark chocolate craving. If you love dark chocolate you can

  • 20 years in business: top quality products made and handled right here in the USA
  • Contamination free facility: we take quality seriously and do not allow conveyor belts mixing products in our facility its all hand scooped
  • Personal touch: when you reach out to us you are reaching out to me(Randy) or a family member. That's why our customers keep coming back!
  • Smile guarantee: if your not happy with our product contact us for a refund.
  • If you only buy this product once a month please consider us next time
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